How To Set Up SMTP in BDRsuite for Backup Failure Notifications

If you're using BDRsuite for backing up your data, it's essential to set up SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to receive notifications in case of backup failures. Configuring SMTP is a straightforward process, and it can be done in two easy steps.

If you are considering setting up automated backups and neglecting to check for potential issues, I strongly advise you to approach the situation differently. It’s important to prioritize ensuring that everything is functioning properly and that any problems are quickly addressed, rather than blindly relying on automation without oversight.

One oft he ways to be informed in case of any challenges with failed backup jobs is to use SMTP. SMTP is Simple Mail Transport Protocol that comes integrated into BDRSuite.

In this article, I will show you how to configure it and get notification whenever you backup job succeed or fail. As an example, I will use Outlook email.

Step 1: Configure SMTP

In the first step, you will configure SMTP Server settings to enable email notifications and send the reports automatically through email.

  1. Login to BDRSuite web UI.
  2. Click on Backup Server and then select SMTP.
  1. Configure SMTP by entering SMTP server, SMTP port, enabling authentication and specify credentials, and adding a sender email.
    1. Once you entered all the information, you can test email server connection by clicking on Test Email Server and entering To Email address.
    2. Assuming all functions properly, an email resembling the example below should be received by you.

      Step 2: Enable email notifications

      The next step involves enabling email notifications and specifying the criteria that BDRSuite will use to send you reports. The selected criteria will serve as triggers for email notifications:

      • When Backup/Restore/Delete completes successfully
      • When Backup/Restore/Delete fails
      • When a Backup is manually suspended
      • When Backup/Restore is partially completed
      • When a Backup schedule is missing
      1. Navigate to Reports and then click Email Notifications.
      1. Click on the “Enable Email Notifications” button.
      2. Select all the criteria shown in the screenshot.
      3. Add the email recipient for both success and failure notifications.
      4. Click the “Save” button to save your changes.
      5. When a backup fails, you will receive an email notification similar to this.

        When a backup succeed, you will receive an email notification similar to this.

        Thank you for reading this article, and please feel free to share it with anyone who may find it useful.

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