Exciting News! BDRSuite 7.0.0 is now available 🚀

BDRSuite version 7.0.0 is now available, featuring a range of new features and enhancements. To learn more, please read on.

A review of BDRSuite’s Windows Disk Image Backup Software

In simple terms, BDRSuite Windows Disk Image Backup is like a super-strong shield for your computer. It takes a complete snapshot of everything on your Windows system, including the operating system, settings, apps, and all your files.

Windows Backup with BDRSuite: Step by step configuration

Windows Backup using BDRSuite: Step by step configuration

BDRSuite provides comprehensive Windows backup capabilities, whether you wish to create a full disk image or back up specific files and folders. This article is an in-depth, step-by-step guide to help you make the most of BDRSuite.

How to monitor NIC Teaming using Paessler PRTG

NIC Teaming is a Windows Server feature used to improve performance, load balancing, and redundancy of network cards. Learn how to monitor it using Paessler PRTG.

9 Key Features that Make BDRSuite the Ideal Backup Solution

I’ve been using BDRSuite in my home lab for over six months now, and I must say, it’s packed with some incredible backup features that cater to any network size. Here are the top 9 key features that I’ve found to be super helpful!

What is the difference between BDRSuite FREE and Paid version

BDRSuite is a comprehensive backup solution that helps you safely backup your workloads regardless of where they are located, be

Install Intel NUC Windows Server 2022 Network Adapter Driver

Check how to install Network Adapter Driver (Ethernet or LAN) on Windows Server 2022 on your powerful Intel NUC device.

How to install BDRSuite on Windows and Windows Server

Discover how easy it is to install BDRsuite on Windows and Windows Server, and enjoy a comprehensive backup solution that covers all your workloads, from data center to endpoints and cloud.

4 WMI Queries for Retrieving Disk Information

Looking to optimize your Windows disk? Check out our latest blog post featuring 4 powerful WMI queries for retrieving important information about your disk.


How to monitor Hyper-V Server Checkpoints

As IT Admins we want to have full control of our virtualization environment. By using PRTG we can get notified if there is x amount of checkpoints in the Hyper-V Server.

What is Altaro Backup Health Monitor and how to use it

Altaro VM Backup provides you with a native tool to monitor the integrity of your backups. It’s called Backup Health Monitor. In this article, I will walk you through the procedure of enabling it.


Monitoring Altaro VM Backup Jobs with PRTG

Altaro Software is an easy-to-use and reliable solution for backing up the virtual machines from your VMware or Hyper-V hypervisors. By using PRTG Network Monitor, you can get insights into successful and failed onsite or offsite backup copies. Anything happens, your Backup Team will be notified via ticket, email, SMS, push notification to your smartphone, etc.